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  1. Hi, u can try Asian recipe for turmeric. In Malay culture, we called it masak pindang and it is given to women after delivery. Very healthy and delicious. Good for slimming and burning your calories.
    1 onion – chopped
    2 garlic – chopped
    1 inch ginger – chopped
    1 inch turmeric – chopped
    1 lemongrass
    2 slices of garnicia cambogia/ tamarind slice (u can substitute with 2 slices of lemon)
    Boil everything and put in some fish of your choice and some vege like tomatoes and lady finger. Try it! Good luck!

  2. You had me at “South African Hot Toddy….” Yup – as you might have guessed, I am South African! I have a food blog, and my cousin June asked on my FB page for some recipe suggestions for turmeric. I’ve really only used turmeric a few times, though she (and you) now inspired me to try to use it more often! I found your post and shared it! Thanks for these good ideas. I’m going to try your kale spiced scramble – looks yummy! Warm regards, Orna

  3. I have recently trying to incorporate this more into my diet. The smoothie is a great idea!

  4. I had a growth almost in the center of my forehead. The texture was something like cuticle, except firmer. It was round with a point, almost like a mini-unicorn horn! I made a paste of turmeric+coconut oil, since both are supposedly anti-viral (thinking maybe related to a wart caused by a virus) – I applied this paste every night, covered with a small round bandaid since the coconut oil melted with skin temp.

    I’m guessing it was around 1-2 months before it was completely gone! But I was excited it was gone, as well as without chemicals, and cheaply. It returned about 1-2 years later, but I was fast with the turmeric+coconut oil, and since it didn’t get as big as the first time, it was gone in about 1-2 weeks. It’s been about 5 years now, and hasn’t returned yet. The virus-guess was just a guess, no “professionals” ever saw it to confirm or deny my guess.

  5. A friend ask me about tumeric. I knew some, but not all this info I have just googled. Thank u. I look forward to ur newsletter. I like all the anti-inflammatory properties and the anti-cancer properties. I will be incorporating it into as many recipes as I can.

    Thank u, again!!!!

  6. a real winner in our house is this vegan turmeric pate –

    soak pumpkin, sunflower seeds and or cashew nuts for a min of 2 hours, rinse, and add to blender. Add – turmeric, chopped garlic, olive oil, sundried tomatoe, black pepper. blend all. That’s it, I don’t tend to weigh anything, just adjust amounts to suit taste. I serve with oat biscuits or maize crackers.