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  1. Hi, I made these cupcakes again. What I now changed in the recipe was using 4 Tbs of ground flax seeds + 8 Tbs of water instead of the 4 eggs, and using 1 tsp of baking powder instead of the baking soda + ACV. And they were PERFECT! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks for leaving your substitution. Mine also had a really strong baking soda flavor. I had to throw them out. 🙁

  2. Hello and thank you for the recipe. My Son and I made these cupcakes tonight. We didn’t have coconut sugar, so we used the only “dry” sugar substitute we had on hand, birch sugar (like Xylitol). It probably would have needed more than the 1/4 cup, but the sweetness balanced out just fine with a frosting. We did make it vegan, using 4 Tbs ground flax seeds mixed with 8 Tbs of water. Baked the cupcakes for 30 mins, and the texture was perfect. The only thing that didn’t come out right, and I don’t understand why, was that they had really strong baking soda flavor. Do you have a suggestion how to remedy that? Maybe next time use only 1 tsp instead of the 1 1/2? They didn’t rise that much anyway, so maybe swap out the BS + ACV to just baking powder?

  3. Would it bv possible to replace an egg or two with a flax egg? My little guy had multiple food allergies and we are just introducing baked eggs, but that is too many. :/

    1. It probably won’t come out the same, but if you give it a try let me know how it turns out!

  4. What a neat recipe! Love it!
    I didn’t know about his brand of coconut milk, I need to give it a try! Sharing 🙂