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  1. I was reading your post today about anxiety attacks. I used to suffer them for years. I used to say it was like being a bug and there was a foot hanging over your head ready to stomp you and you didn’t know which way to flee. Horrible, horrible things. I’m so glad I don’t have them anymore.

    As for cereal, I was never a big fan as a kid but occasionally I get a hankering. This recipe looks great. I just bought three boxes of Lovebird cassava cereal. Totally AIP and it’s like having Cheerios back in your life. Plain, cinnamon and honey. https://lovebirdfoods.com/#_

  2. Processed foods – and the more extreme isolates – are horrible for the body. I don’t like commercial cereals for health.

    However, I have issue with your message here. You demonized wheat for having a high glycemic index (and you should learn what the glycemic load is instead) yet raisins are just about as high on that scale. Of course, you forget to mention how fiber slows down the absorption of sugar into the body.

    What I see is a high fat, high sugar breakfast here. The only difference is that the ingredients in your recipe are minimally processed whole foods. For this reason, I will try it.

    To increase the fiber content, try adding chia or flax seeds. It’s a bit more fat (the kind you should be after) and a lot more fiber.

  3. I LOVE the idea of using baked coconut flakes to keep that crispy texture! Seriously genius! So excited to try this out. 🙂

  4. This looks delicious. It is true that sometimes a bowl of cereal just hits the spot. I often make GF granola, but this looks like a great option too! Now to make some almond milk…