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  1. Collard greens are definitely one of my favorite dark leafy greens. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and delicious recipe !

  2. Such a fabulous idea to use a collard green as a tortilla. Looks like a very simple but tasty breakfast idea.

  3. Oh cool, I’ve never thought about using collards as a wrap, but that’s a great idea! Looks like the perfect fast breakfast!

  4. Those collard greens look perfect for keeping the wrap …. wrapped! I always try and use lettuce but it’s too thin and falls to pieces. I will definitely give these a go – anything with bacon in and I’m there! Great recipe.

  5. I haven’t had a breakfast burrito forever, but when it’s this healthy I could definitely happily eat this every single day!

  6. Now this looks super healthy. Burritos can look greasy and be full of fat. You have nailed this recipe perfectly

  7. Yayyy! I can finally feel good about eating bacon! Thanks for the info about the nutritional quality of grass-fed and pasture raised meats. These breakfast wraps look super yummy and I love all the veggies…and the bacon!????

  8. Oh man, my wife will love these! What a great idea to wrap all this goodness into collard leaves. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. These look beautiful – so full of nutrition to get you started on the right foot first thing in the morning. And not too different from the original, less healthy versions of these breakfast wraps!