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  1. 5 stars
    After sprouting green lentils, some of the lentils sprout and some don’t. Do the unsprouted lentils have to be separated from the ones that do sprout or can they be eaten raw along with the sprouted ones?

    1. In my experience, I have never had to separate any lentils out. There are sometimes lentils that don’t have much of a tail sprout coming out, but they are still sprouted. You can check and make sure by carefully and gently biting down on it. If it’s easy to crunch, then it is sprouted. If it’s hard like a rock, then it’s not sprouted. I’ve never had any hard lentils after sprouting even if there isn’t a tail coming out.

  2. 5 stars
    So glad you put the troubleshooting part in there. I’ve been trying to sprout red lentils and it wasn’t working it I bought different ones made for sprouting and now it’s working great! Thank you!

  3. Red lentils are hulled (they’re brown lentils when unhulled), so only a few of them will sprout, the rest are dead and non-viable. In your photo, about 10% or so germinated. Brown (unhulled) lentils have an almost 100% germination rate.

  4. Question- instruction i have for sprouting chick peas call for 24 hrs dark.. after rinsing do either of these go back into dark upside down or in regular daylight? Thanks!

  5. Once sprouted can I cook with them as I would unsprouted lentils, or is it best to consume the sprouts raw or only lightly cooked? Thank you!

  6. can yo u do this with black lentils? thats all i have in the cupboard and i want to make your burger

  7. Can the jar be stored in the refrigerator during this process (to avoid any yuckiness growing in the jar) or will that stunt the sprout’s growth? I live in Florida so it’s hard to leave anything out on the counter without it growing something on it after a couple of days.

    Also, can a thick cheesecloth be used? Like this: https://www.amazon.com/Cheesecloth-Unbleached-Yrds-Grade-Cotton/dp/B006JWL22I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391534988&sr=8-1&keywords=organic+cheesecloth Or is the air circulation not enough?

    1. Don’t put it in the fridge. It wants to be warm; it’s growing. Make sure to rinse often, and if you want to use cheesecloth, go for it. I just put the lentils (or mung beans, alfalfa seeds, whatever I want to sprout) in a small plastic food storage container, soak, drain, rinse, and leave the lid loosely sitting on top. I’ve never found the need for a screen, but it looks like it works well!

  8. I am on the fourth day of sprouting red lentils and hardly no sprouts. I think it is starting to have a funny smell although what they are suppose to smell like I don’t know. I am inexperience but having great luck with several beans from Whole Foods. This bag is organic and came from a grocery store but it has been in my pantry for quite a while. Is the Red Lentil harder to sprout than the other green or brown? I am sprouting for my birds but I do taste all of what I serve. I guess I will be trying to add this to my diet as well since so my of the beans smell so good. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1. I spout all sorts of lentils but never have luck with red whole lentils. I’m attempting again right now and although I see the sprout visible from the cotyledon, it never goes beyond that part and the lentils start to turn bad. My brother had the same experience. I would love it if someone could give advice on this.

  9. What do the lentils smell like when they are done sprouting? Mine smell a little funny…kind of sour. Not sure if that is normal, or if I should throw them out and start over.

    1. The lentils should smell kind of earthy, but definitely not sour or stinky. If they smell like that they’ve probably gone bad and you should throw them out. Make sure you get relatively good lentils, sometimes if you get ones that have been sitting around in a grocery store bulk bin for a long time, they don’t work very well.

  10. Hi, thanks for the informative site!

    Can you use red split lentils? (Will split lentils sprout?). I’m also mostly vegetarian but want to avoid soy, tofu, TVP etc., I developed some kind of gluten intolerance rather suddenly and it seems I react similarly to soy and some other foods. I used to be a vegan but when this intolerance issue came up I re-introduced some sheep/goats dairy, pastured eggs and chicken to replace the wheat, tofu, TVP, soy milk etc. I had been relying on before.

    p.s. what do you think of hemp as a protein source? I have tried hemp protein powder but had a reaction to it as if I’d eaten gluten which was a bit odd.

    1. Yes!!!!! I sprouted SPLIT red lentils!!! Yeah! I checked another website and they had positive results so I tried it and sure enough, there were very tiny little sprouts growing. Mind you, I didn’t have time to let them sprout longer (only 9 hrs) so not sure how much more they would have sprouted. But there you go! Go for it! The key is that you have to rinse the lentils after soaking, for at least 3 rinses, as apparently if you don’t, something will prevent the lentils from sprouting.

      1. You have to rinse the lentils to keep them moist. If you don’t, they dry out, so that is the reason for the frequent rinsing.

  11. I need clarification, you only soak the lentils once correct? Then you rinse every 6-8 hours? Do you need to leave it sitting upside down for 6-8 hours too or does it not matter how they sit?

    1. Yes, only soak the lentils once. After that you’ll leave it to drain upside down for about 2 days, rinsing every 6-8 hours.